“A man must take advantage of any opportunity that comes along.”

RAY KROC, Founder McDonald’s

merger and acquisition solutions

A unique combination of legal, tax, and business aspects.

Company acquisitions concern a unique combination of legal, tax, and business aspects. Our background as an international consulting company combined with our business experiences allow our firm, Paramount Capital, to have a special understanding of these tasks. We bring a huge range of services to our clients from analysis and preparation of the company to the search for a buyer, presentation, negotiation, and closing of the deal.
Through our international connections, we also offer smaller companies that are poised to profit off the globalizing economy and we get them in touch with best investors from around the world. We also intermediate assets such as exceptional real estate, masterpiece, luxury yacht, private jet, luxury car, and intangible assets like trademarks.

Paramount Capital also helps business owners define and implement exit strategies. An exit strategy is a comprehensive road map that enables business owners to successfully exit a privately held business.