“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”


Benefits, challenges, and
opportunities of moving offshore.

Transferring your residence to a low tax environment is one of the few remaining ways to legally minimize taxes. For many selecting a residence in a low tax environment is the logical choice to protect personal and family wealth.

Paramount Capital assists you in analyzing, evaluating, and executing a transfer of residence to a low tax location. We’ll follow you in the necessary steps on the location of choice, including establishing residence permit, driver’s license, car registration, yacht’s flag, bank account, passport change, etc.

Currently, the most popular tax residence locations are Switzerland, Monaco, Dubai, Hong Kong, Panama and Estonia, but the services are also offered for other locations such as Malta and Paraguay. Transferring your residence involves important personal and financial steps, which should not be undertaken without a thorough analysis of the benefits and drawbacks.

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